DVD Movie Rentals? You've Come to the Right Place!

Why DVD Rental Services?

Do you love watching movies from home, but hate running to and from the video store and worrying about due dates? Worry no longer! DVD movie rental services such as the ones listed below allow you to rent and return movies whenever you want, without leaving home.

For your convenience, we ranked several of the most popular video rental services and compared their features. Look them over and find the one that's the perfect fit for you, because they each have something unique to offer.

DVD Movie Rentals: The below movie rental clubs have just what you're looking for!

#1 BlockBuster

Blockbuster Total Access lets you rent all the DVDs you want, three at a time. You can have your DVDs delivered to your mailbox and then swap them at a local Blockbuster near you for a new movie.

  2-Week FREE Trial
  FREE shipping both ways
  You can return DVDs by mail OR in-store
  80,000+ titles available. Have up to 3 DVDs out at a time
  Delivery time typically 1-2 days or instant with in-store exchange
  There is never a late fee
  You can cancel anytime

#2 GreenCine

GreenCine goes after movies and editions the others don't dare or trouble to stock. They are considered the premiere source for Anime, Documentary, Foreign, Cult Classic and Indie movies.

  10-Day FREE Trial
  FREE shipping both ways
  Stocks movies most other rental services don't carry
  50,000+ titles available
  There is never a late fee
  You can cancel anytime

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